3 Reasons to Give Up the Razor in favor of an Electric Shaver


Razor blades are starting to lose terrain in favor of the more practical, safer, and easier to use electric shavers that deliver a more precise shaving. You might avoid buying such a device thinking that it is too expensive. However, if you take a look at some shaver reviews on electricshavers.reviews, and compare the prices of the best units, you will see that in the long run, using such a device doesn’t cost a lot more than using disposable razors. If you still haven’t given up on your old shaving razor, here are 3 reasons that will convince you to upgrade to the ultimate shaving method that will leave your skin smooth and silky.

It’s safer

When you think about the shaving razor, you can’t help to fear cutting your face with the sharp small blade. With an electric shaver, you can forget about this fear and you can trust it to deliver a smooth and close shaving without hurting your face. Although the blades of the electric shaver cut very close to your skin and you have to slide it over your jaw and cheekbones, it will never cut your skin or produce any irritation. Plus, there will be no more razor blades tossed into the trash or left in the reach of your children.

It’s faster

The main reason why men give up using a razor in favor of an electric shaver is the fastness the shaver offers while staying comfortable to use. Shaving with a razor implies passing it over the face many times, insisting on a certain area and trying to cut the hair perfectly without rushing and hurting your skin. The electric shaver can cut very close to the skin with a single pass over your face, thus limiting the time you spend shaving. You can use it right before heading to the office and you can shave even if you feel tired, as it will only take a few minutes.

It’s more convenient

You can use the electric shaver anywhere and at any time, something you can’t say about the razor. In case you are in a hurry or you forgot to shave the night before, the electric shaver is easier to use and can offer a perfect shaving anywhere you are. You can’t picture yourself using a razor blade and a handful of shaving foam in the car while you wait for the green light, and you certainly don’t see yourself shaving with a razor at the office before an important meeting. The electric shaver can be used without any type of shaving gel or foam and it still manages to cut your beard perfectly. Therefore, the electric shaver is far more convenient to use and it outcomes the functionality of the common razor.

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