A short guide to manscaping – What should you know before visiting a salon?


While males tend to imagine traumatizing things about waxing, this is nothing near the reality. Also, many men tend to imagine that only certain categories of males opt for this kind of intervention, namely metrosexuals or even swimmers. The good part is, taking care of your body and your appearance is no longer seen with prejudice as in the past. Nowadays, waxing as a male has become the norm. It’s far more comfortable to get rid of all unwanted hair, especially during the hot summer months. Needless to say, familiarizing yourself with the services of a male waxing Leicestershire salon before visiting one might be necessary.

There are various methods of hair removal

Of course, since the demand for hair removal products and techniques has increased, there appeared plenty of alternatives in the beauty industry. Nowadays, we can differentiate between some very popular options.

  • Waxing – this method is appropriate for coarse hair because it removes with success stubborn hairs even from the first application. Males who shave also might find this method useful since it offers a great grip of hairs of different lengths. A great tip for your first waxing experience would be to relax your muscles, as much as you’d tend to flex those. Flexing and not remaining relaxed will only make the entire experience painful. In many cases, the client finds comfort in listening to their favourite podcasts or texting, as a representative from Amity Beauty Waxing Salon. Many males claim to struggle with ingrown hairs. A great tip to avoid those would be to exfoliate with a loofah since it removes with success dead skin cells and opens widely the hair follicles. Before seeing your cosmetician for a next appointment, allow your hair to grow a quarter of an inch. This will make your next experience even more pleasant.
  • Sugaring – this method is more appropriate for males with more sensitive skin and thinner hairs. While many claim that this method is perfect for a DIY project, many complain about it being too complicated. Although there are plenty of kits available online, we would advise avoiding this method if your hair is thicker.
  • Threading – yet another hair removal method, this one simply involves removing the hair from the roots, without removing the root. This is the least effective method because the results will only last several days.

Male waxing – what areas can you manscape?

In terms of areas that are suitable for a waxing treatment, there are no exceptions. There are treatments for everything, starting with the upper body, continuing with the legs, and finishing with the intimate parts. Depending on how comfortable you feel with the idea of waxing, you could start by removing the hair on your chest and legs, and when you become adventurous enough, continue with the more sensitive parts.

This is a small guide on manscaping and the implications of waxing. Search your professional well, because the more skilled they are, a less painful experience you will have.

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