Best and Worst Snow Blowers of the Moment


Handling the awful snow that sometimes takes over your yard implies using the right tools that can remove the snow with no effort from you, otherwise, you will feel helpless with all the snow you have to get rid of. To make sure you are way ahead of the snow, get a snow blower so you won’t be overwhelmed by removing the snow with the shovel, but focus on finding a good model that will prove its efficiency.

Snow Joe iON18SB

This is the best 2016 snow blower. This version is a cordless model that works on a rechargeable battery that takes about 3 hours to charge and lasts for about an hour on intense snow blowing. The fact that it doesn’t have cables to get in your way make it a safe choice especially for those who are not used to the snow blower. This electric snow blower can clear snow up to 8 inches high on a path that is 18 inches wide so you can limit the number of times you will go over an area.

Another one of the reasons why this is the best 2016 snow blower, is the fact that its rubber blades are strong enough to crush and lift the snow but they are also soft enough not to damage the ground. The best feature of this snow blower is the power rotating discharge chute that can be adjusted to throw the snow in a specific direction. Since it only weighs 32 pounds and has an adjustable handle, you will manage to make it comfortable to use, plus it has a light that allows you to use it when it’s dark outside. Another great feature is the safety handle that stops the auger from spinning so you can safely clean the chute without hurting your hands.

Ariens Pro Path 938034

To the opposite pole, there is this snow blower that we won’t recommend to anyone because it has little power and is cumbersome to use. It does include an electric start that makes it easier to start in cold weather and a large auger that can clean a 21” path, but the power shown by the engine is not enough to handle packed or wet snow. Besides, there is no remote chute handle that would allow you to choose where to throw the snow and the throwing power is weaker than in any other snow blower we tested. Although advertised otherwise, this Ariens snow blower can’t handle snow layers taller than 6 inches, which is too little when compared to other snow blowers.

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