Can a loft conversion add value to your home?


Homeowners try to come up with ingenious ways to add value to their properties. They acquire new furniture or they buy better furniture. What they don’t know is that the simplest way to add value to a home is gaining livable space. Don’t waste your time with anything else if increasing value is what you’re looking for. As surprising as it may seem, converting the loft can result in a significant increase of your home’s value. If you’re curious to know more about the subject, keep on reading. You’ll be surprised about what you’ll find out.

Yes, a loft conversion really adds value

Improving your home isn’t something that you should be doing only to increase its resale value. If you’re going to undertake such a project, you might as well do it to improve your comfort level. Loft conversions Woodford are indeed expensive, but the fact is that they increase a property’s value with about 20%. If you were planning on extending your home, then there’s no better time like the present to do it.  But is this really a good idea? It seems that nowadays people are willing to pay extra for usable space, so you don’t need to worry that you’ve made the addition for nothing. Plus, if you don’t ever sell the property, you can enjoy the extra room.

How can you do a loft conversion?

You’re interested in transforming the unused loft space into something homey. The only problem is that you don’t know how to approach the situation. If this is the case, you should start with the roof. With some homes, the situation is a lot easier, whereas with others it’s more complicated. It all depends on the head height. It’s important for you to understand that not all types of lofts are suitable for alteration. Another thing to pay attention to is the roof structure. The most adequate one for conversion is the one with the most structural input.

The loft conversion itself should be carried out by professionals. No matter how good a handyman you are, it’s better to leave this kind of undertaking to the pros. Why? Because they’re the only ones capable of carrying out the project in a timely manner. What you need to be looking for when hiring loft conversion experts is, besides experience, the ability to provide customized services. You may want something different than the average.

How you can make use of the newly-converted loft

Adding value to your home isn’t the only benefit that you enjoy. A home improvement project is rewarding on so many levels. For instance, you can have your own cozy nook. No, you don’t have to move your stuff to the basement. You can enjoy some me-time upstairs.    The point is that you’ll have valuable space that you can use whatever you want.  You have the opportunity to get creative here. Don’t settle for just about anything. If you want an additional bathroom or bedroom, that is what you should have.

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