Do you have eating disorder thoughts? Manage them with these strategies



The persons who are dealing with eating disorders like binge eating, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa or other similar ones have often thoughts concerning food and the way their body looks. Some consider that eating will make them feel better, others think that if they will eat a candy they will get fat. Also, there are people who think that they should eat only if they truly feel hungry. People are commonly dealing with these thoughts, but in case they lead you to a destructive behaviour, you should try to stop them. These destructive thoughts are the ones that cause problematic eating disorders, because people consider that if they restrict themselves from certain aliments or if they exercise excessively, they will be happy about the way they look. In order you to combat these thoughts, you should use the following approaches.

Talk about your thoughts

In order you to avoid developing a complex mental disorder it is advisable to talk with someone about your destructive feelings. If you accept that you have these thoughts and you choose to externalize them, you are a step closer to recovery. For example, if you want to eat a cookie, but your eating disorder tells you that it will make you fat, you should choose to disobey it.

Challenge your thoughts

In you want to recover and your destructive thoughts to disappear, you should challenge them. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I have any evidence that my thoughts are real? There is no evidence that if you eat a cookie you will instantly get fat. A cookie cannot get you fat, only if you eat excessively you will gain weight
  • Do I have alternative beliefs? The persons who consider that they should eat only when they are hungry should ask themselves if they feel happy when they have dinner with their loved ones. You may not feel hungry, but if you have dinner with your partner, you will feel better.
  • What consequences do eating disorders have? In case you have problems with managing your diet, and you are overweight, then you should ask yourself why you are not able to retain yourself from eating the entire box of cookies. If you lie yourself that you will start your diet the following day, week, month, you lack determination.

It is important to benefit from support when you are dealing with eating disorder thoughts, because many times they lead to destructive situations.

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