Easy DIY Home Remodeling Projects


The interior design of your house can sometimes become boring or it could require little adjustments and that is when you have to take the hammer and saw and start remodeling it. If you don’t know where to start, we are offering you some ideas of easy DIY home remodeling projects that will take little effort and money.

  • The stairs in your house can stop being only a way of getting to the second floor and you can give them another utility that is also attractive. There are endless possibilities of turning the stairs into a closet or a storage area. You can easily turn the space under the stairs into a bookshelf where you can display your impressive book collection. Also, each step can become a drawer so you can take advantage of every corner of your house.
  • What do you say about turning your shower into the ultimate relaxing place? You can do so with an S-shaped seat covered in matching tiles as the wall, where you can relax and enjoy a hot shower after a long day at work. You can either use glass doors to limit the shower area or you can opt for a walk-in shower that is easier to clean.
  • Floor platforms are an ingenious way of keeping a room clean and tidy while also having where to store all your items. You can easily build a platform in an empty guest room that you want to make functional, or you can opt for it in a small children bedroom where you don’t have enough space for all the pieces of furniture.
  • If you have a fireplace in the living room and it’s starting to look old and unattractive, consider remodeling it with stone tiles. A plain fireplace can become the centerpiece of the room if you cover it in stone-likes and create built-in seats so you can sit close to the fire on chilly nights.
  • Crown molding is the best way to give your home a new look without investing too much money or putting too much effort into it. White crown molding along the ceiling line can do wonders for a living room painted in a vibrant color or you can opt for colored molding to match your kitchen cabinets. You can frame the door, create areas for the paintings, basically, you can apply crown molding in every room and the effect will be stunning.

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