Factors to value before installing a hot tub indoors



Hot tubs are a great investment to make and it comes with a series of benefits. Studies mostly talk about the health benefits of spending a few hours in a hot tub every once in a while, about the fact that it can treat back pain or arthritis. But besides this aspect, hot tubs can boost the value of your property. Many companies that sell hot tubs and provide installation services have made their way through the market lately, but before you buy hot tubs direct from Spa City or any other provider, it is best you consider these essential aspects.

Choose where you want to install it

You have already decided you want your hot tub indoors, but have you figured out where exactly you want to install it? Do you have a separate room for it? Or are you planning to build one? It is essential you know exactly the size of the hot tub in order to determine the best place to install it. Keep in mind that if you opt for building a new room specifically for your hot tub, it is recommended you work with an architect or qualified builder. Also, make sure you leave enough open space for the hot tub delivery.

Choose the right model

Considering the many options available on the market, it can be rather challenging to go with the best model and type of hot tub. This is the reason why you should consult with a professional and ask for their expert opinion. They will help you make the right decision based on your tastes, needs, interests and budget.

Consider the flooring

Another important factor to value in this process is the floor in the room where you will have the hot tub installed. It is mandatory you avoid any type of flooring that can turn slippery when wet. Even though you think no water will splash out of the tub during your bath, you are completely wrong. Nearly a gallon of water can come with you the moment you get out of the tub and obviously, most of it will flow to the floor, thus making the floor extremely dangerous for you. Make sure you opt for a floor material that provides good drainage and traction when wet. Carpet and wood should be avoided, because they rot in time. Choose a matte finish and non-slip tile instead. Also, a floor drain would be of great help to you when it comes to the draining and clean-up part.

Ventilation system is mandatory

Even though you have a separate room for your spa, experts advise installing a ventilation system in that room that will vent the room and get the humidity out fast and easy. This way, you also avoid dealing with mould, which is the no. 1 enemy of every homeowner.

A hot tub is definitely worth the investment, but make sure you take into account these aspects before you resort to the best company in town and have a hot tub installed.

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