Festival fashion trends you should rock this year


Summer is coming and music festivals are approaching, you already bought your tickets and all you have to do is think what you will wear? Well, this means you are in the right place to find inspiration. Many women worry about what they will wear at festivals, given the fact that it requires both to feel comfortable and look good at the same time. Combining clothing items that meet these two criteria is not easy at all and without any guidance or inspiration you might make fashion mistakes that you will later regret. Here is a list with the latest trends you’ll want to follow this year:


Choosing shoes is one of the most difficult parts of putting an outfit together. Why? The answer is simple – you will never know how the weather will be at the festival and you have to be prepared no matter the conditions you’ll be facing. You can find women shoes on Spartoo.co.uk matching any style you may have thought about, but one thing is paramount – comfort. At music festivals is pretty obvious that you are going to dance and walk a lot. Avoiding heels or anything that may cause you pain is recommended. Try looking for cosy sneakers or flats that will help you go through the night without tired feet.


Jeans shouldn’t be a missing part of your outfit. It doesn’t matter if they are long or short – the key is to rock the denim fabric which is so popular this year and will remain that way a long time from now on. You will dance, you will stand on your feet for a long time and nothing is more comfortable than a pair of loose jeans. Light jackets or shirts with a denim look are suitable too. Just seek for inspiration regarding how to combine them properly. Layered denim is a trend that requires some knowledge in the field of fashion.

Aztec print

Festivals will offer you a kind of fashion freedom you won’t experience anytime. Aztec prints and gradient colour palettes will remove any outfit from anonymity. Do not avoid simple sweatshirts in pastel shades, especially if you know the fun will last until the morning. Try playing with textures and prints as much as you can and do not worry about matching. Monochromes should be left at home, because festivals are all about being a little bit crazier than usual. Bizarre combinations are highly searched for, so do not hesitate to mix and match any clothing pieces you usually do not wear. Be a little bit extravagant and don’t forget to accessorize.

Boho and ethnics

You can also opt out for Boho dresses combined with ethnic or baptismal jewellery. Statement necklaces will work as well.  Surely, you should not exaggerate and make a difference between standing out of the crowd positively and negatively. Choose wisely and follow the advice of fashion bloggers or online clothing websites.                                                                                                  

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