Frequently asked questions before purchasing a stove


Purchasing a brand-new appliance for your home is always exciting, but when making a change a bit of scepticism and confusion are normal. For example, when it’s time to purchase a stove for the first time, homeowners have many questions. How much should I pay? What option is right for my home? Who will install it? Find the answer to these questions and more below:


What kind of stove should I buy?

If you browse the website of a professional stoves Huddersfield suppliers, you will see that you have three major options to choose from: gas burning stoves, wood burning stoves and electric stoves. Which one should you buy? In this case, there is no clear winner. Each of these three different types of stoves are great, but the choice should depend on your preferences and house requirements. For example, if you have a vintage cottage and want to get a beautiful rustic design in your house, then wood burning stoves are recommended. However, if you live in a flat or don’t have a large enough room with plenty of open space, then it’s best to invest in an electric one.


Are gas and wood burning stoves safe?       

Another frequent question regarding gas and wood stoves refers to their safety. More specifically, if they can start a house fire. Generally speaking, gas a wood burning stoves are manufactured in accordance to European safety standards and, when installed as recommended by the manufacturer, they are not dangerous. However, depending on the type of stove you chose, some precautions need to be taken. For example, if you do not have a large and well ventilated room, you shouldn’t install a wood burning stove, because it wouldn’t be safe.


Can a stove also heat the house?

Although it is not a stove’s primary purpose to heat the house, it can also do that. Depending on the size of the room and the size of the stove, you can get different degrees of warmth in the kitchen. To find out exactly how much heat your stove can produce, ask your supplier.


Who will install my new stove?

This again depends on the type of stove you chose. If you bought an electric one, you can install it yourself by following the instruction manual. However, if you chose a wood burning or gas one, then you will need a professional for the installation, because an air vent might also be required and you cannot do that yourself.


How much should I spend on a stove?

The price of a quality wood burning stove is around £1000, but you can find cheaper and more expensive options. For example, if you’re looking for a unique design or won’t settle for anything but a premium build, then you could even pay up to £2000. At the other end of the scale are cheap stoves, which you can find online for just a few hundred pounds. However, you should be sceptical of such offers. Affordable as they might be, these stoves are made from low quality parts, which means that they deliver poor performance, malfunction easily and can become unsafe.

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