Get the subtle luxurious feel for your home – elements to consider


Everyone desires a house that emanates the feeling of luxury. A comfortable, warm ambiance is the key to having all your guests praise the way you designed each room. The ambiance you create is definitely more important than how much money you invest into it. You can obtain a luxurious feel without spending a fortune on furniture and decorations. There are some small details that make a major difference between a well-thought design and one that doesn’t impress. Follow the pieces of advice you find here and nothing can go wrong. Here’s the list:


Antique is always elegant

Using antique elements will instantly give your home a more luxurious, elegant look. Even though it might not seem like it when you see vintage items separately, when you include them in your home’s design, everything should start looking the way you expect. Wood plays the main role here, as it gives the room a touch of grandeur and expensiveness. Mixing hardwood with modern aesthetics is the final result you want to strive for. Add white shutters to your windows, piece up that vintage table you bought a while ago and use quality wood to have your furniture done by a carpenter. You can’t go wrong with incorporating wood in your house’s design.

Finishing touches

You are allowed to splurge a little on finishing touches. In most cases, houses don’t get that luxurious look because designers don’t go all the way with finishing touches. You should add small details that are meant to round off the entire room’s design. It might seem that these touches don’t make a difference, but when you add them up you’ll notice that your home starts looking more like a five-star hotel instead of your own home. Invest in white plantation shutters instead of regular ones for clearer lines, buy stainless-steel appliances for the kitchen, purchase satin sheets and fluffy towels, layer different floor coverings and so on.

Put effort into lighting

Good lighting strongly influences the feel of a room, regardless of its type. Not all houses are full of natural light, so you have to learn how to set the right ambiance through other methods. For a luxurious feel, you should use candles, lampshades with subtle hues or dimmer switches. Always choose warm lighting for a luxe touch. You may have noticed that realtors pay a lot of attention to a house’s ambiance when they are trying to sell it. That’s because lighting can entirely transform one’s perception on each room.


Another factor that could influence the looks of your house is related to how clean and organized it is. Concealed storage options will go a long way to help you get rid of clutter. Elegant solid bins – made of wood, ideally – should be present in all rooms for quick cleaning sessions, to store away items that don’t look good resting around. Take your time to dust every surface regularly and air the rooms each morning.

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