Home exterior makeup ideas to explore right now



You feel small when you compare your home to others. Sadly, you have an ugly home. Your concern has become almost an obsession. So, are you planning to do something about it? No matter how unattractive your property is, you can fix it. Sure, the home requires quite a dramatic update, but this isn’t something that you can’t handle. Giving your house an exterior makeover is what you should be doing right now. Don’t have any idea what to do? You’re in luck because we have some suggestions for you.

Invest in Bollard lights

Bollard lights can make the outside of your property unrecognizable. Your estate will look rally homey and inviting owing to these outside lighting fixtures. But what is so great about Bollard lights, anyway? Besides the fact that they are a very attractive option, they light your home correctly. Yes, lighting of this kind increases the functionality of the landscape, meaning that you and your family can use the front and the back yard after dark. You can use the designer lighting to illuminate entrances, walkways, and the parking lot. Whether you want to create the absolute entertaining space or you just want to enhance the curb appeal of the home, go with Bollard lights.

Replace the exterior windows

The thought of replacing the windows certainly hasn’t crossed your mind. And why should it? The windows aren’t broken, so they don’t require replacing. Maybe the frames aren’t broken, but they are very ugly. In case you didn’t know, the style of the windows has a huge impact on the aspect of the property. While you don’t need to redesign the entire home, you might want to change the frames. What you need to be looking for is windows that blend perfectly with the architectural style of the home. Colourful frames are an option worth considering, that is, if your property isn’t too traditional.

Retile the roof

As surprising as it may seem, replacing the tiles on the roof can significantly improve the home’s curb appeal. The roof is a very dominant feature, so there’s no need for further explanation. Updating the building covering isn’t something that you should do on your own. No, in this particular situation, you need the help of a professional. A qualified professional is capable of retiling the roof at required standards and the best thing of all is that you don’t have to lift a finger. Change the tiles on the roof and you’ll change the appearance of the house.

Add a coat of paint

Painting the exterior of the estate is probably the last thing that you were looking forward to. Nonetheless, it’s necessary. You don’t want your home to be an ugly duckling forever, do you? A new shade draws attention to the properties architectural details (the good points) and makes it look brand new. Painting isn’t a complex undertaking, so you might as well give it a shot. If you think that the workload is too much for you, get your family to help you. Make it a family activity.

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