How to Get Rid of Garment Wrinkles without an Iron


Ironing the clothes to get the wrinkles out of them is tiring, and it can give you back problems due to the uncomfortable position that you have to sit in and the repetitive movements that you make. Fortunately, there are other methods of getting the annoying and unpleasant wrinkles out of your clothes, and if you read the following lines you will find out what these methods are.


Modern dryers go beyond simply drying the laundry, being able to remove the wrinkles off of the clothes. In addition, these machines are now capable of removing odors and killing bedbugs and dust mites as well. The dryers have special cycles with which they remove the unpleasant wrinkles, and by the simple push of a button, in about 15-20 minutes you will have impeccable clothes that are ready to be worn.

Using the dryer to get rid of the wrinkles is the best alternative to using the iron, because you literally put no effort in the process of de-wrinkling, therefore you should buy a dryer immediately if you don’t already own one.

Wrinkle-removing spray

Common wrinkle-removing sprays can be bought from any grocery store, and they are a cheap and efficient alternative to ironing. The wrinkle-removing spray works best if the clothes on which you apply them are damp, and if they are made from cotton blends. Avoid using this spray on delicate fabrics like silk, because it could leave a water spot.

Using the wrinkle-removing spray is a fast alternative to ironing, and the biggest advantage is that you can carry it with you in your bag, put one in your car, or even have one at your office just in case you need to de-wrinkle your clothes when you’re away from home.

Clothes steamer

As opposed to the iron, the clothes steamer can be used on any type of fabric. This is due to the fact that you don’t actually make contact with the fabric when you use the clothes steamer, being the ideal tool especially for de-wrinkling delicate fabrics. Go to steamer.clothing if you want to see what options you have in terms of clothes steamers. Choose one which can handle your needs with ease.

A clothes steamer isn’t hard to set up, it’s easy to use, you can get a good one for only a few hundred dollars, and the powerful steam that it produces gets the wrinkles out efficiently and fast. In addition, modern clothes steamers do more than just get the wrinkles out of your clothes, deodorizing and sanitizing them as well.