How to Save Money when Buying Custom Adhesives



Contrary to popular belief, investing in the very best custom adhesives on the market for any commercial or industrial purpose does not have to be prohibitively expensive. Quite the opposite in fact – these are exactly the kinds of innovative and advanced provisions that can significantly reduce operating costs and enhance efficiency. It may be true to say that elite adhesive products have an initial purchase price that is higher than a generic adhesive, but what you get in terms of overall value for money is on an entirely higher level.

That being said, there are always various ways and means by which the overall costs associated with buying and using custom adhesives can be reduced. The way you approach the purchase process in the first place will largely determine what kind of deal you can expect. But whatever the purpose and the products you require, there are certain universally applicable tips and guidelines that can help ensure you get the best possible price.

So if you are out to purchase these kinds of products in the near future, be sure to buy in accordance with the following:

1. Buy Direct

First of all, there is no rule more important when it comes to both value for money and ensuring you get the very best overall service package than always buying direct.  Whether it’s 3M tape converters, optically clear tape suppliers or any kind of custom adhesive manufacturer whatsoever, there is nothing to gain by involving middleman. Buying direct means gaining access to the lowest possible prices, the very best advice and consultancy, total customer service and the fastest response times when it comes to placing orders.  When you buy through any kind of middleman or reseller, all of these benefits are reversed.

2. Buy in Bulk

Of course, one of the most obvious solutions when it comes to ensuring you get the best possible deal is to consider buying in bulk quantities.  If whatever it is you need is something that will be needed on an on-going basis in relatively large amounts, there’s a good chance you will be able to negotiate a better deal by agreeing to buy more in the first place.  Or perhaps, agreeing to some kind of repeat purchase process whereby a certain amount is ordered at a certain time every week/month. If it is something you will eventually need, it could be beneficial to organize it now for the sake of making a saving.

3. Be Precise

When you purchase custom adhesive products of any kind, you benefit from being able to specify exactly what it is you need right down to the finest detail.  The more precise you are, the more suitable for the job at hand the products will be.  And the more suitable the products are, the faster, better and more efficiently you will be able to get the job done. All of which adds up to increased output, lower operational costs and a distinctly lower likelihood of product wastage or overuse. Be sure to think carefully about each and every key element of the task, creating something of a checklist that needs to be fulfilled by the custom adhesive you order.

4. Ask for Samples

If you are working with a leading service provider, they should be willing and able to provide you with samples, before going ahead with the final order.  This is particularly true in any instances where you are intending to order extensive quantities – samples and prototypes being of paramount importance to first assess whether it meets your needs. Requesting samples and prototypes can be a great way of ensuring that you do not end up with products you have no use for.

5. Seek Guarantees

Last but not least, it is perfectly possible to avoid wasting money on products that do not live up to the required quality standards, simply by working exclusively with those that offer comprehensive guarantees. In any instance where any given service provider is unwilling to offer guarantees, this should tell you all that needs to be said about their confidence in their own products.  If at any time it is unclear as to whether the products available are covered by guarantees, be sure to ask directly for confirmation.


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