Make Your Home More Secure in 4 Easy Steps


No matter how safe you consider your city and neighborhood to be, you can be a victim of burglary if you don’t increase the security of your home to avoid this from happening. Therefore, make yourself a hard target for burglars by simply reading the following lines and applying these 4 easy steps to increasing the security of your home.

1. Install a security camera

The first step in increasing the security of your home is installing an outdoor security camera. This device won’t only keep your house under surveillance, but any burglar that sees a house with a security camera won’t dare try to break in it. Also, you can check on what the security camera is recording anytime you want from your smartphone or tablet, giving you a great advantage when you are away from home.

2. Leave the lights on when you leave

If you leave your home for the night, or if you go away from home for a longer period, you should leave the outdoor lights on, or if you have a lighting system that you can program, make it turn the lights on automatically at a certain hour every day.
To further increase the security of your home when you go away, you can leave the TV on, or a radio, to make it look like someone’s inside. Also, if you leave for a longer period, you should turn down the volume of the phone, because if the burglar sneaks up and hears that no one is answering the phone, he’ll know that the house is empty.

3. Install a garage door opener

A home that has a garage usually has access from the house to the garage as well, therefore it’s important to secure the garage. The best method to through which you can secure the garage is by simply installing a garage door opener.
With modern garage door openers, you can keep tabs on the activity that is unfolding with the garage door, and you can open and close it whenever you want over the smartphone or tablet, giving you the upper hand if anyone tries to break in.

4. Stop hiding the spare key to your house

A big mistake that most people make is to leave spare keys “hidden” outside of their houses in case one of the family members forgets their key, or if a friend is coming over when no one is around.
The big problem is that no matter where you hide it and how smart you think your hiding spot is, there is the chance that the burglar will find it without much effort. Also, you have to take in consideration the fact that most burglars track a house for a few days before they actually break in, and you could expose the hiding spot to the burglar, giving him easy access if he finds the key.