Mistakes to avoid when cooking beef fillet steak


When it comes to having a special meal, nothing can compare to beef fillet steak. The flavour so out of this world. You can serve beef fillet steak at a romantic dinner or at Christmas. The boneless cut is easy to portion and prepare. Well, not exactly. When cooking beef fillet steak, everyone makes mistakes. Aberdeen angus fillet steaks are basically wasted. Beef fillet steak is a special and expensive meal, which is why you need to make sure that you are cooking it the right way. Avoid these common mistakes.

Not trimming it for roasting

Beef fillet is usually sold unpeeled. So, if you did not buy meat without the fat and silver skin, you have some trimming to do. What you have to do is get the meat on the table and remove the fat and the connective tissue, that is the silver skin. Use a thin knife to remove the fat and the silver skin off the beef. Although the meat will not look very appealing, it is what you want to eat. If you do not have the time or the stomach to butcher the beef fillet, take it to a butcher.

Not letting it come to room temperature

You pull out the piece of meat from the refrigerator. What do you do next? You wait for the beef fillet steak to come to room temperature. Otherwise, the meat will not cook evenly. You want the beef to cook evenly from edge to centre. The warmer the fillet is, the less energy you waste.

Not tying it up before placing it in the oven

Why should you tie a piece of meat in the first place? Well, if you cook the beef fillet steak as it is, it will not cook evenly. When cooked, the piece of meat expands due to the action of the heat. By tying it up, you prevent the juices from spreading out.

Not seasoning it

Most people think that flavour comes from salt and pepper. Wrong. Beef fillet steak does not have a lot of flavour on its own and salt and pepper do not help very much. When it comes to seasoning, add as many things as possible to enhance the flavour of the meat. You can use onion, garlic, coriander, dill, red pepper, and sea salt.

Not letting it rest

No matter if you are cooking the beef fillet steak in the oven or on the grill, let it rest a little bit. When the meat cools down, the juices go back to the centre and are redistributed through the beef fillet steak.


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