Modern Refrigerator Features Which Keep Food Fresh for Longer


The refrigerator is, perhaps, the most important appliance in your home because it’s job is to keep your food in the perfect conditions. Plus, it has to work around the clock and despite the external temperatures, which makes things even harder. Luckily, the manufacturers have developed a wide range of features designed to improve the performance of the refrigerator. Here are some of the modern features that can keep your food fresh for longer.

Power Cool

This feature is extremely useful when you arrive home from the market and load new groceries into the refrigerator, which are at room temperature. With the touch of a button, the Power Cool inserts cold air into the unit so the temperature reaches 1ºC in order to bring the new items to the same temperature as the other that have been in the refrigerator longer. This way, you will enjoy all your foods at the proper temperature and the refrigerator will work better.

Dual evaporators

Refrigerators that use dual evaporators manage to maintain a perfect temperature and moisture in the fresh-food area and to avoid food odors from spreading from the refrigerator into the freezer. This way, the fresh food will maintain its shape and texture without getting into contact with air coming from the freezer.

Sensor cooling

This feature includes a certain number of sensors that varied from model to model. These sensors detect the external temperature and humidity and analyze your usage patterns in order to adjust the functioning of the compressor. If you take a peek at Bestrefrigerator.reviews, you will notice that most of the highest rated units feature sensors that allow them to detect the ambient conditions so they will manage to regulate their operating. By knowing the external conditions, the refrigerator manages to optimize its settings so that the inside temperature will be kept constant no matter how many times you open the door.

Fast-Cooling compartment

You will love this feature when you will want to enjoy a cold yogurt or a freezing can of soda in a matter of minutes. You insert an item in this special compartment and the refrigerator increases the temperature to such a level that you can take it out freezing-cold withing a couple of minutes.

Airflow vents

The Multi Flow technology, also known as All-around cooling, uses small vents placed on each shelf in order to keep the inside temperature at a constant level. Cooling every section of the refrigerator as the same times means there are no temperature and humidity fluctuations, so the food will stay fresh for a longer time. A stream of cool air comes through the vents and creates an even temperature that isn’t disturbed when you open the door from the bottom shelf to the upper one.

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