Netball - how this sport improves the quality of your life


In case you have never played netball, you should know that it is a sport similar to basketball, but there are some differences between them. In netball, you will have to play in a team with seven players. Also, you will not be allowed to dribble the ball, because the rules state that you will have to pass it with your colleagues. In addition, both the basket and the ball are smaller and this means that you will not have too much space to cover. But this does not mean that it does not have a great effect on your health and body, because as any other sports, this one will bring amazing benefits to your life. If you want to try this by yourself, then you should enrol in one of the netball tournaments in London, because you will have no difficulties in learning the game, and you will quickly see the results of the training.

Netball works your legs

Both women and men want to have beautiful legs, but sometimes no exercise seems to work. You hit the gym regularly, do squats, lunges and burpees and you still cannot get the results you want. Until you do not go on court, and you run and super-jump for the ball you will not be able to work your legs to get them in their full-sculpted glory. Moreover, for getting the best results, it is advisable to practice this sport at least two times a week.

Benefits of running

While on the netball court, you will have to run a lot and to even sprint on short distances, so you can only imagine the benefits this training has. You will get a good cardiovascular workout while running and in time it will improve your agility and strength. If you play in a centre position, you will have the best workout from the pitch, because you will have to cover the most of the distance

You will improve your hand-to-eye coordination

When you will start playing this game, you will see that you have to pass the ball to the other players, and this means that you will have to work on your throwing techniques. Each one of the throwing will require you good hand-eye coordination, because if you want to win the game you will have to both catch and throw the ball accurately. A good pass means that you would have to send the ball over your opponents’ heads and if you notice that they are throwing, you will have to jump and try to catch it.

You will improve your flexibility

If you need to improve your flexibility, then you should try netball, because it is one of the sports that trains your entire body. You will have to run, attack, mark your opponents, and defend the goal during one game, so you can only imagine how your body will feel this training. For a better flexibility, you should make sure that you wear athletic clothes, to allow you do all the moves the game will require.

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