Questions you need to ask before hiring an attorney



Hiring an attorney can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a lot of knowledge in the field of law. When struggling with a case that will be discussed in court, you can’t do it without an attorney. The stressful situation might stop you from thinking clearly, and consequences can occur. For a successful recovery, hiring an attorney to represent you or your family during the case is the right choice. Here are a few questions that may help you select a good lawyer to grab your case:

“Do you have any case referrals from other lawyers?”

When other lawyers recommend someone, there is a high chance that the person who was recommended has an impressive experience. To hire a top-notch attorney, you must research his reputation in the industry. Finding out the other lawyers that find the services of the attorney you are interested in helpful and efficient should give you a general idea on how he handles cases or ask the attorney directly. Personal injury attorneys are usually the most sought for, so see who is recognized by their peers and who isn’t. This is your starting point and it will definitely help you select the person who is about to represent you properly.

“What cases you usually handle?”

Depending on your own case, you need to choose lawyers that are specialized in solving similar ones. Among lawyers, people get popular for the majority of cases they solve, so a little research will help you find out if the attorney you are interested in can handle your case type. In order to find out what kinds of cases this attorney usually handles, ask him directly and check his past experience.

For serious personal injury claims, you definitely want to be represented by an attorney that works with personal injury cases every other day. A general practice lawyer will know how to handle all cases, but some are more specialized in certain areas than others. Look for a personal injury attorney Miami and see how experienced he is. Don’t forget to compare the cases of all your potential lawyers.

“Do you teach other lawyers in personal injury?”

Lawyers that teach others are most likely prepared enough to run a case flawlessly. When an attorney takes responsibility to teach others, he is confident enough in his knowledge and skills to handle any case with care. You can personally ask this question when discussing with the attorney you want to hire. Google the name of your preferred attorney and see if he published articles in important legal publications.  

“Are you board-certified?”

Finally, don’t forget to get informed about certifications. Board-certified lawyers passed some tests that decided they are prepared to handle cases. Also, board certifications can decide whether a lawyer has a larger expertise in particular specialties, rather than being generalists. See if The National Board of Trial Advocacy has any names listed on their official websites. It surely is one factor to consider.

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