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When you run a business, it does not matter its specific, you consider it a safe venue. You do not want to experience any issues, and you think that your clients may have second thoughts in choosing you, if you hire a door supervisor. Well, you should know that it is advisable to work with professionals when it comes to securing your business venue, because it is crucial to offer your clients safety and protection. You have the possibility to hire door staff for a specific period, as the holidays, or you can opt for a full time service. In case you run a pub, it is essential to have a full employed door supervisor, because they are the only persons who are able to manage the conflicts. And you can be sure that they have the required knowledge to do it, because since 2007, they are obliged to hold a licence by the SIA security industry authority.

What a door supervisor does?

A door supervisor is the person who checks the suitability of the persons who want to enter your venue and they look after the safety of your clients. They have to hold a SIA licence to work in England and Wales as a door supervisor, and they will offer you their criminal record, to know exactly whom you hire. They are persons who hold strong communication skills, who have the ability to make decisions quickly, have good customer service skills, great power of observation and what is more important, they have the ability to defuse a potential violent situation. The supervisor is the one who manages the queues and crowds, makes sure that the clients who enter your venue are dressed appropriately, check tickets for events, deal with emergencies, patrol both inside and outside the venue, and deal with conflict. 

Questions you should ask the supervisor before signing the contract

It is important to ask their qualification and prior experience, to make sure that you hire the right person of the job. In addition, you have to make sure that you ask them on the salary they require, because you have to make sure that you afford hiring them. Usually they ask from £10 to £15 an hour, but the fee may vary according to the provider. The working hours depend on your needs, but you have to ask them is they have any preferences, because certain companies prefer to send their people earlier than your opening time. You should offer them information on the evening schedule and weekend shifts, because they may ask for extra fees in this case. Sometimes, the best option for a business manager is to hire a part time supervisor, because you do not need their services daily. Special events, as concerts require the presence of a door supervisor. In case you want, the supervisor to wear a uniform, you should ask the company if they offer these services. If not you can purchase the uniform and ask them wear it when they offer services for your firm.

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