Restaurant branding elements – what do you need?


If you’re new to the business, it’s the time to find out that the restaurant industry is crowded and competitive. For a new name, it’s challenging to convince clients to step inside. How can you entice them when they have hundreds of other options if they’re hungry? And how can you convince them to come back?

The key to a successful restaurant is to build a strong brand around it. All restaurant owners know building a lovable brand isn’t an easy task because it goes far beyond coming with a logo. Building a brand that resonates with the clients and attracts new clients requires great effort, but the reward is also big because it helps you build a sustainable customer base. Businesses from all industries covet brand loyalty. However, for a restaurant is more difficult to attain brand loyalty because people have different preferences.

We put together some tips that can help you identify the most important elements of restaurant branding. Let’s dive into them.

Brand voice

The brand voice is the way you communicate with your clients, and it’s important to individualise yourself because it’s one of the elements that makes your business unique and showcases its personality. How your business acts, speaks to its clients, and interacts with customers establishes its brand voice.

Describe your brand as if it would be a person, and use all branding elements to share its characteristics. Use words like authentic, reliable, fun, bold, and modern. Once you pick the words that best describe your business, come with a quote that defines it, and print it on all branding elements, from sikkerhetstape to flyers and bottles.

The look and feel of the brand

The aesthetics of the band is a huge part of what makes it special. It’s important to create a brand that reflects the values it stands for and shares a memorable message. Keep in mind that the way your brand looks should reflect in all your brand elements, and even in the merking av fisk because product labels catch people’s attention. Through the look of the brand you catch your potential clients’ eyes.

The brand look is more than the letterhead and logo, it should be visible in the décor of the walls, the menus, name of the products and even in the signage. Use colours, designs and logos to create the aesthetics of the restaurant. Pay attention to your colour scheme when you create navneskilt.

Brand book

Being consistent with your brand is as important as serving high-quality dishes and providing exquisite services. Stay in touch with your clients online and offline, and be consistent in the messages you send. You can maintain brand consistency by creating a brand book that explains the set of rules all employees must follow and the brand elements they need to resonate with. The purpose of the book is to align the employees with the branding of the restaurant, and it should include the dos and don’ts to sharing content and talking to media, the photos and designs acceptable in promotional content, and the fonts and colours the designs and logos can include.

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