Simple Hairstyles that You Can Achieve with a Flat Iron


A beautiful hairstyle can make you stand out without putting much effort into it and can complete your everyday look. For the simple hairstyles we present you below, all you will need is a flat iron and some skill in handling it, and the result will be amazing. Those of you who don’t have such a styling tool should buy one as soon as possible as it is an essential beauty tool. You can compare flat irons by reading online reviews. When choosing such a tool, look for one suitable for your hair. that being said, here are some of the simplest hairstyles that you can achieve with a hair straightener:

Braided curls

An innovative way of achieving wavy curls with a flat iron is to braid your hair and heat it with the device. Take your hair and braid it in as many regular braids as you want, then pass the flat iron over the hair. The heat from the flat iron will penetrate the braids and will force the hair to take the curly braided shape. Loosen the braids and apply hair spray to secure the curls more firmly.

Smooth, sleek, straight hair

The main use of a flat iron is to straighten curly and untamed hair and to give it a smooth and shiny aspect. If you struggle with stubborn curly hair or your ends are dry, you can look groomed and classy in a few minutes using the flat iron. For an extra touch, wrote your wrist when you get to the end of the hair so the flat iron will create a cute small curl that will add texture to your straight hair.

Modern medieval

For a gorgeous haircut that you can wear during the day as well as at a party, you will need a flat iron and some bobby pins. Use the flat iron to create tight curls the way you used it for the natural curls, then take each curl and rotate it so that you will form a circle. Grab a bobby pin and secure the curly circle at the back of your head from one ear to the other. This hairstyle looks like the one you would obtain with a headband, only it’s more secure and lasting.

Aluminum foil curls

A great way of achieving beautiful and lasting curls the easy way is to use the flat iron over aluminum foil that you certainly have at home. Take strains of hair and wrap it around a piece of foil, then wrap the hair in foil completely. Grab the flat iron and put the foil pieces between the plates while pressing for the heat to get through the foil. The high temperatures of the flat iron will heat the aluminum foil more than it would heat the hair and the result will be curls that will last more.

Natural curls

Simply pass the hair over the flat iron and then between the plates and pull the flat iron down the hair. The result will be a delicate curl that looks very natural. Continue with all the hair, apply some hair mousse to make the curls more resistant and take two strains of hair from the front and tie them at the back of your head. You will have curly hair without it covering your face.

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