The Proper Way of Using a Radar Detector


If you are an adrenaline junkie and you like speed, you might want to invest in one of the most reliable radar detectors. This way, you can get your dose of adrenaline without getting any speeding tickets. If you already have a radar detector installed on your car but you don’t seem to get the right results from using it, chances are you are not using it the right way. These devices are designed to work in a specific way and not following it could influence the quality of the radar detecting, which is why you should learn the proper way of using your radar detector.

Mount it correctly

The main rule that influences the efficiency of a radar detector is how well you mount it so that it will detect the traffic threats without disturbing your driving. Given that the radar detector must have a clear path in front of it so it will capture the signal emitted by the police radars, make sure nothing stays in its way. However, placing it too high on the windshield might distract you from your driving and could expose it to thieves while you are not in the car. The best place is low in the windshield or even on the dash using a mounting bracket that most radar detectors come with. This way, you will be able to reach the controls and ensure the best radar and laser detection.

Get used to the signals it emits

Your radar detector will emit a short signal long before the police radar can be spotted on the road, which could make you believe it’s a false alarm and wipe out the signal. Next thing you know, a police car appears in front of you and you are busted. To avoid this situation, you must understand what your radar detector is telling you by reading the 4 bands the device is using. The X band is usually a false alert and you can ignore it because no police enforcement is using it nowadays, the K band includes rare to moderate false alarms, so you might want to pay attention to the K signals. The Ka band is next in line when it comes to the possibility of police radars, as most of the recent radar guns use this band, and the last is the L band that is the most accurate when it comes to detecting a police gun.

Set it to the right mode

Not choosing the right mode can drive you crazy with all the false alerts you will receive, so pay attention to how you set your radar detector. The City mode should always be selected when you are driving in the city because it will reduce the sensitivity of the device and will avoid signals received from radios or automated doors. The Highway mode is designed for driving on the highway and it increases the sensitivity of the radar detector so that it can detect even the instant-on radars.