Tips for choosing a mid-size SUV


The prototype of the modern family’s car is a compact SUV. It provides high safety levels, most of the times remarkable fuel economy levels, and at the same time plenty of space for fitting quite a generous family inside. Also, the cargo space is generally plenty, making family trips to be a pleasure. Although mid-size SUVs are not as roomy as their bigger relatives are, they still offer plenty of space for diverse purposes. And luckily, the mid-size SUV market is full of models, some more acclaimed than others. This is also the case of the 2017 GMC Acadia, many preferring it as a family vehicle. However, let’s find out more about this segment of the automotive industry.

What’s hot and what’s not in 2017?

The year of 2017 comes with a completely redesigned GMC Acadia, which seems to thrill many potential buyers, as well as some improvements made to last year’s Toyota Highlander.  The Nissan Pathfinder also has some novelties in terms of design, for those interested, and some more thrilling things for the next year.

What’s 2017’s best buy?

Well, many think about the 2017’s GMC Acadia to be one of the best buys currently available on the market, because it comes with amazing fuel economy features and cutting edge on board technology. Also, it comes with a wide cabin, making access to all features easy, at a glance.

SUV or crossover?

Well, this is truly a hard question to answer. To begin with, the first SUVs were built on truck frames. However, a unique body, like cars have, offers a better fuel economy, as experts have found. Also, these types of vehicles are easier to handle and to ride, making them a more appropriate option. As a result, many buyers seem to choose SUVs over crossovers, since they are easier to handle and have lower fuel requirements. Also, the new SUVs available on the market offer higher levels of safety, being more appropriately equipped in these terms.

If you are unsure what type of mid-size vehicle you should choose, we strongly encourage you to go for an SUV, since they come with amazing features, high levels of fuel-economy, are spacious enough to fit a generous family inside, and have quite a generous cargo space in the back. Also, for families with small children, they seem to be the best idea in terms of safety.

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