Top 10 Once in a Lifetime Holiday Experiences


There are a lot of places to visit that can offer you great experiences that you must enjoy at least once in your life, experiences that will create unforgettable memories.
If you want to have amazing and unforgettable memories, read the following lines to find out what are the top 10 once in a lifetime holiday experiences, and make sure to put money aside to enjoy all of them.

10. Cage dive with Great Whites in South Africa

Seeing a Great White shark only a couple of feet away from you is an experience that you must not miss on, because getting to be so close to one of nature’s biggest predators might send chills down your spine, but it will amaze you to see their beauty as well.
To have this truly unique encounter you must go to Gansbaai, which can be found eastwards along the southern coast of South Africa. Once you get there, you will be lowered into a cage that sits below the surface, where you will get to see this amazing and large predator face-to-face.

9. Run with the bulls in Spain

The running of the bulls is an annual festival that takes place in Pamplona, Spain, and it’s the perfect scenery for any adrenaline junkie.
The reason why this will most probably be a once in a lifetime experience is that you have to be chased by bulls on the barricaded streets of Pamplona, an experience that will make the blood run faster through your veins and give you the adventure of your life, but which you most probably won’t want to repeat.

8. Go on an African safari

An African safari is a mandatory once in a lifetime experience that you must have, because you can’t say that you are truly fulfilled until you see with your own eyes the beauties that Africa has to offer.
You will have the unique occasion of seeing all the gorgeous wild animals that live here, like lions, elephants, zebras, and many others, creating memories that will never leave your head.

7. Swim with the dolphins in Florida

Dolphins are smart and adorable, and if you go to Florida Keys you will get to experience meeting these friendly creatures at first hand.
A peck on the cheek from an adorable bottlenose dolphin is a memory that you will cherish for life, therefore don’t skip on enjoying this amazing experience.

6. Go wild in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the capital of entertainment, and you can’t say you lived your life until you get to gamble in a casino, or go wild and spend all your money in one night and not remember the next day what happened.
Make sure to go to Las Vegas at least once, and remember that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, therefore allow yourself to go wild once you arrive there.

5. Hike the Inca Trail in Peru

The beauty of Peru is hard to match, and you must make sure to hike the Inca Trail at least once in your life to witness unique scenarios. This experience will last about four days, and when the time will pass you will have the amazing moments and scenes witnessed there tattooed in your head forever.

4. Dance at the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Make sure at least once in your life to go to the Rio Carnival, which is definitely the most vibrant, colorful, and famous of carnivals world-wide. It’s the most beautiful display of parades that you will witness, and the energy of the event will encourage you to dance along with the beautiful women.

3. See the Northern Lights in Svalbard, Norway

This holiday will need some planning, but it will all be worth it when you will see the spectacle of the Aurora Borealis, an experience that will make you feel like you’re in a Sci-Fi movie.
The reason why we mentioned that it needs planning is that this intense display only happens once every 11 years, and we picked Svalbard as the spot that you must go to for you to witness the Northern Lights, because they can be seen best from there.

2. Release a floating lantern at the Yi Peng festival

Make it mandatory to visit Thailand at least once when the Yi Peng festival unfolds, because during this festival the sky gets filled with floating lanterns that light it up, creating a sky of lights which is one of the most beautiful and romantic scenes that you will ever witness.
The khom loi, or floating lanterns that get released are symbolic of worries and problems floating away, therefore you must make time to participate in this event and let your worries and problems float away in the sky as well.

1. Have a romantic dinner on the Eiffel Tower

First on our list of once in a lifetime holiday experiences is having a romantic dinner on the Eiffel Tower, because it may not be a wild or dangerous experience, but dining with your loved one while admiring the breath taking city of Paris when the evening comes and all the lights are on is an unmatchable memory.

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