Top 3 Most Effective Whole House Water Filters


Consuming at least 2 liters of water a day is essential, in order to protect our health. This is what doctors worldwide recommend us. Tap water from our houses is usually infested with different types of contaminants, and this can affect us in many ways. In order to avoid this to happen, it is highly recommended that we install a whole house water filter. If you don’t know what model is best to choose, have a look at the following top 3 most effective 2016 whole-house water filters.

1. Home Master Filtration Catalytic HMF2SMGCC

This device is perfect for populated areas, where tap water is usually infested with chemicals, chlorine and odor, chloramine, and sediments. Moreover, it will easily remove herbicides and heavy metals such as lead and copper, leaving the water extremely clean and healthy. The device comes with amazing features such as large housings, 4 gradient filters which will ensure that the whole filtration is finer, and an excellent purification system. With Home Master Filtration Catalytic you will have healthy water at all times in your home.

2. HydroCare Iron HC-300X

With its 3 system filtration process, the unit will easily remove sediment manganese, iron, and hydrogen sulfide, which is absolutely fantastic as other filters can’t do that. Bacterial growth will be prevented, due to a clever feature. Furthermore, the device doesn’t require backwashing, tanks, or electricity. HydroCare Iron HC-300X features 3-stage filtration process. The first stage is the one where the water is passed through the filter that removes iron particles and sediment. On the second stage, the manganese and ferrous iron will be removed. Hydrogen sulfide, chemicals, bad odors, and chlorine will be removed on the third stage. Furthermore, the taste will be also improved. Easy to install, environmentally friendly, and extremely efficient, HydroCare Iron HC-300X is without a doubt one of the most effective whole house water filters.

3. Aquasana’s Rhino EQ-600

Aquasana is one of the most popular companies that produce whole house water filters. The Rhino EQ-600 is one of the best 2016 whole-house water filters. It is an extremely recommended product by many users due to the fact that it can remove up to 97% of chlorine and other contaminants found in the water. The most amazing thing is that it does that without actually removing minerals like other devices do. Minerals are very important for our body, and therefore, we don’t need to get rid of them. Very easy to maintain, and without requiring installation or electricity, Aquasana’s Rhino EQ-600 is one of the best whole house water filters that needs to be taken into account.