Top 3 Most Reliable Lawn Mowers


Nothing can beat the efficiency and fastness of a lawn mower when it comes to taking care of the lawn, so you should invest in a good lawn mower if you want to have a neat lawn. However, not every model available on the market is reliable and trustworthy, and you might end up with an unsatisfying model that will serve you no good. To avoid that situation, we have selected 3 of the most reliable lawn mowers that will do a great job with your lawn.

Honda HRX2172VKA

This gas lawn mower is a rear-wheel drive model with an 8.3 lb-ft torque that will slide over your lawn, leaving the grass looking great thanks to the unique dual blade design and the and the plastic deck that keeps the clippings from spreading over the ground. It is very easy to handle thanks to the compact size and the convenient fixed handle and dual-thumb lever that lets you adjust the speed, although the deck lift lever might seem a little too uncomfortable. Although it’s a gas mower, this Honda is very silent at an 89 dbA noise level, compared to other models that make more noise. It stays very clean while you mow so you won’t have to stop and clean the debris off its blade and deck, and the large fuel can and easily accessible air filter add to its comfort in use.

Robomow RS622

A more advanced type of lawn mower is the robotic model that is self-sufficient so it practically doesn’t need your assistance when mowing. By far, the most reliable unit is Robomow RS622 and you can check it’s ratings to see what makes it so useful and efficient compared to other models and the regular push-behind models. The compact size enables it to fit in narrow places and beneath fences so no inch of grass will remain uncut. Thanks to the two pivoting blades that cut very close to the edge, it manages to perform a perfect mowing at first pass, without having to return to an already mowed area. It can sense obstacles and it automatically turns off when lifted from the ground so you won’t have to worry about it hurting someone.

Bosch Rotak Ergoflex Cordless Lawnmower 37 LI

In order to get rid of fuel and cables, you can opt for this lawn mower from Bosch that works on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can handle medium size lawns with no difficulties. Although it’s smaller than other mowers, this one can cut the grass perfectly at the exact height thanks to the hardened steel blade and the innovative grass combs. The air flow technology makes sure the debris goes into the collecting bag that can hold 40 l so you won’t have to interrupt your mowing for emptying the bag.

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