Top notch desserts that include scotch in the recipe



If you have a sweet tooth and you are a big fan of desserts, this article is definitely for you, but what’s even more interesting about what you are going to read is the fact that the recipes presented below combine desserts with the beloved scotch. When desserts meet one of the most loved beverages in the world it is a little bit difficult to stay away from the temptation. Plus, you don’t have to be the best cook ever in order to get through these easy recipes. You’ll be more than happy with the results and your friends and family might become addicted with your new secret-ingredient desserts. Make your friends and family fall in love with the recipes presented below:


Scotch Bundt Cake

Everyone loves a freshly baked Bundt cake, but what if a special ingredient will be added to it? Well, if you plan on cooking with scotch, make sure you buy discount scotch early enough, so you won’t have to consume your favorite one right away. Buy the necessary ingredients and start cooking. All you need is: some flour, a pinch of salt, butter, cream cheese, sugar, eggs, scotch, orange juice and just a little bit of lemon zest. If you’d like to spice up the recipe even more, make sure you save these ingredients for an amazing syrup: butter, brown sugar, scotch.

Now, to create the most amazing Bundt cake you’ve ever eaten, start by heating the oven and buttering up a Bundt pan. After you’ve done that, you can start mixing the ingredients together. Start by beating the butter and the cream cheese while gradually adding the sugar and the eggs. After that, mix the dry ingredients and combine the two mixtures while gently blending them together. Put the mixture inside your pan and place it into the heated over right away. Don’t forget to prepare the syrup while the cake is in the pan: all you have to do is put the ingredients together in a saucepan and simmer until the sugar is completely melted. You should obtain a thin, delicious syrup that you are going to pour over the cake when it is ready.

Scotch Pancakes

Who doesn’t know the classic recipe for pancakes? Everyone ate pancakes in the morning at least once in their lifetime. Simply buy some pancake mixture from the store (or do it yourself if you know how), add the secret ingredient to it and start making the dreamiest pancakes you’ve ever imagined. Scotch pancakes can be spiced up with blueberries, honey or maple syrup and they are the most appropriate breakfast for a cold winder morning. Plus, it is really cheap and easy to make this recipe at home. Don’t forget to be careful with the amount of scotch you pour into the mixture.

Fudge Scotch Squares

Gather together a cup of graham cracker crumbs, some sweetened condensed milk, a handful of chocolate chips and some walnuts, add some scotch, mix them together and bake the mixture right away. You’ll obtain the fastest and most delicious dessert ever.

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