Unusual colour of the hot tub water – what is to be done?


Owning a hot tub comes with a series of great advantages. Besides the fact that building one significantly increases the value of your house, numerous doctors and experts in the domain agree to the fact that hot tubs also improve one’s health by increasing blood circulation, relieving stress from joints and offering a very good relaxation feeling after a long and difficult day at work. However, it is for sure that those who have hot tubs Vaughan have already experienced or will experience milky, foamy or cloudy hot tub water at some point, so here are some useful tips to help you solve this issue fast and safe.

Milky hot tub water

Just as the name suggests, in such situations the water of your spa looks like milk and it is quite difficult to see the bottom of the hot tub and there may be various things that cause this to happen, such as dead algae, insoluble particles, organic debris, and poor water chemistry and so on. What you can do to solve this is to check the filters, since this is the first stop whenever the water does not have a usual colour or is not the way it should be. You should also check the water balance levels to see if the PH is correct and in case it is not, make sure you alter it. You can also consider using a non-chlorine shock to help you clear the water faster and start using the hot tub as soon as possible.

Foamy hot tub water

If you notice that there is a build-up of foam on the surface of the spa water that just does not go away, you should know that one possible cause is the reaction between cosmetic oils or treatments and body and the alkalinity that exists in the spa water. Deodorant, detergents, make-up or even bathing costumes can actually cause foaming. One way to avoid this from happening is to take a shower before soaking in the hot tub and to wash the bathing suit as well. You should also take into account using enzyme technology that can help you with the water balance or some anti-foam products you can find available on the market.

Cloudy hot tub water

This can be better described as water that seems to have various particles of small dimensions that float around in the spa and that gives the impression it is “cloudy”. The causes of this cloudy spa water are similar to the ones mentioned for milky water, which are dead algae, poor filtration, and insoluble particles and so on. Just like in the case of milky spa water, the very first things you have to check is the filters and the water balance levels. You can also do some research on the market and look for a professional and high quality spa clarifier to help you eliminate those small particles. However, in case none of these work, the best solution remains to empty the spa and start again but with fresh water this time.


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