Valuable secrets of wine storage you deserve to know


It does not matter if you are a beginner or a connoisseur in terms of wine, knowing how to properly store it in order to preserve its wonderful flavor is imperative. It does not even matter if you do not have a rich collection filled with varieties of wines, at some point in your life you will probably have and you will also probably need to ensure optimal conditions if you do not want to alter the incredible taste. Unquestionably, this delicious liquid exudes sophistication and elegance, not to mention that it demands special attention. Starting with the basics, you should already know that underground cellars and caves represent the best environment for this drink because they meet its specific requirements, namely humid, cool and dark. Rocket science is a tough description of the storage process for wine so you should not encounter difficulties in this regard as long as you follow several key rules.

Ideal temperature and humidity for wine

Thus, if you do not benefit from an adequate cellar in your home, you should explore storage units Fort Lauderdale because these types of facilities provide the necessary features for your needs. First, you should make sure the unit is cool enough because heat represents the main enemy for wine. On the other hand, you do not have to overreact because keeping a bottle of wine in freezing temperatures on the long term because the liquid could expand pushing the cork out. Apparently, the most suitable temperature is approximately 55 degree F and you have to make sure that it will remain constant throughout the entire storage period. Dramatic temperatures changes will create negative consequences for the quality of your wine so keep in mind this important aspect along with humidity. The ideal humidity level for storing wine is around 70%. A dry environment will allow air to penetrate the bottle and spoil the liquid so you must prevent this from happening. When it comes to wine, consistency is the priority in terms of temperature and humidity.

Yes to darkness and no to shaking

Generally, manufacturers use colored glass bottles that incorporate UV filters with the purpose to offer the needed protection for the precious wine. However, this does not represent a guarantee meaning that continuous exposure to direct sunlight will influence significantly its flavor. Moreover, light degradation affects especially white wine so if you own a couple of bottles and you want to store them go for a dark space. Darkness represents wine’s best friend because it protects it against premature aging. Furthermore, you should not agitate the wine so you must handle the transport and placement in the storage unit with extreme care if you do not want to ruin the liquid before even storing it. Vibration causes great damage to wine on the long term because it speeds up the chemical reactions inside the bottle. You should also remember this when you plan to take them from the storage unit so you do not destroy its flavor just before you prepare to enjoy it.

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