What are the perks of using pre-inked rubber stamps?


We hear time and time again that not all rubber stamps are created equal. But what does this mean? What it means is that there are different styles of stationaries, each one having advantages and disadvantages. Most people choose self-inking rubber stamps for their business needs. These are the most popular tools out there. The reason for this is that they provide high-quality images. However, you should focus your attention on pre-inked stamps. They are just as good as self-inking rubber stamps, if not better. For pre-inked rubber stamps, see here. But maybe you are more interested in the perks of using such stationaries. You are lucky because this is what we will discuss about that.

No need for a separate ink pad

If carrying around an ink pad were  not annoying enough, you get stains on your favorite clothes. Well, not if you use a pre-inked rubber stamp. What happens is that the die is impregnated within the ink. The die attached to the rubber stamp has a specific amount of ink in it. Whenever it is pressed against a surface, ink comes out. So, all you have to do is press down and the ink will flow through the die and create a clean impression. You can create much-needed impressions and you no longer have to carry and ink pad with you.

Best quality image

We said earlier that self-inking rubber stamps are favored due to image quality. What you should know is that pre-inked rubber stamps create quality impressions too. These small tools are the best when it comes to image quality. The ink has long been infused in the die part of the rubber stamp, so it is no surprise that the impression is perfect. Maybe it is not perfect, but it certainly is close to perfection. No matter how many documents you date, the quality of the impression will be the same.  

Possibility to alter impressions

You would not have thought that you can alter printed information. Well, it is possible, pre-inked rubber stamps have various moving pieces, which means that you can make changes if necessary. You can modify the date, month or the year. It is not necessary to order another set of rubber stamps. Basically, you can do as you like. You just need to make sure that the rubber stamp allows you do to that. Some models may not have moving parts.


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