What sports should I expect to see at Commonwealth Games?


From teenagers to seniors, everyone has seen the Commonwealth Games almost once. The list of sports that are included in the program of the games includes all the sports The Commonwealth Games Federation has approved and recognised. At the present moment there are 31 approved sports, 7 para-sports and 2 multi-disciplinary sports. But you should not expect to see all of them at every one of the editions of the gold coast commonwealth games, because the programme has to contain maximum 17 sports and 15 para-sports events. The sports you can see at these games are categorised into 3 types: recognised sports, core sports and optional sports. The games programme includes all 19 core sports, the nation that hosts the games has the right to choose maximum 7 optional sports. But some optional sports have not been included in the programme until now, so you should not expect to see sailing or billiards.


Core sports

As stated before the host city has to include 10 core sports in the programme of the Commonwealth Games, so you will definitely see Badminton, Athletics, Boxing, Lawn Bowls, Swimming, Hockey, Netball, Weight Lifting, Squash and Rugby. Athletics, Swimming and Boxing are the three sports who have been on every program of the games, so you will definitely see them the following edition. There is a special combined event for women (heptathlon) and men (decathlon), which you might probably see in 2018. The following edition you should expect to see women boxing, because since 2014 they are also allowed to take part to Commonwealth Games for the boxing event. For men there are 11 weight categories, but for women there are only three. The event will be organised as a knockout format.

Optional Sports

Alongside with the 10 core sports you will see another 7 optional sports. The host city will choose the 7 sports from a list of 17, but they also have to consider the aquatics disciplines. The list includes wrestling, triathlon, tenpin bowling, tennis, taekwondo, table tennis, softball, shooting, sailing, rowing, judo, gymnastics, canoeing, beach volleyball, basketball, and archery. The aquatics disciplines include open water swimming, diving and synchronized swimming. From this list, there are some sports that were never on program, and we are talking about, open water swimming, beach volleyball, canoeing, taekwondo, sailing and softball. Also, the shooting event includes full bore rifle, air rifle small bore, pistol and clay target.

What sport you will not probably see at the following event

Even though there are some sports recognised by the Commonwealth Games Federation, there are no chances for you to see them at the following edition. This list includes water polo, volleyball, life saving, handball, golf, fencing, cricket and billiards.

Exhibition Sports

During the years, the event included different exhibitions. In 1958, there were organised exhibitions of show jumping and polo. In 1978, they have organised a lacrosse exhibition. The fact is that until the programme is posted you know for sure that the 10 core sports will be included in the following edition, so the other ones will be a surprise you will have to wait for.

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