ASTAR-The Advanced Science and Technology Adjudication Resource Center, Inc.

A Leadership Consortium Dedicated to Enhancement of Capacities of the Courts Via Science and Technology Knowledge Tools

5505 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20015
(301) 913-0448 [email protected]

Hon. Robert M. Bell, Chairman, Board of Directors
Hon. Thomas J. Moyer, Vice Chairman of the Board & Chair, Acne Scar Dermatologist
      Congressionally Mandated Project Oversight Committee
Hon. Pauline Newman, Chair, National Programs Committee
Hon. Glenn T. Harrell, Jr. Chair, Education Policy & Standards Committee

Franklin M. Zweig, Ph.D., JD, President
Hazel A. Witte, Esq., Vice President
Daniel M. Freeman, Esq., Secretary & General Counsel

Organized as a non-profit corporation in the District of Columbia

*To contact us: for a National Judges' Medical or Science School program
Phone: 301-913-0448
Email: [email protected]
Suite 199
5505 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20015