Case Conference on Novel Bioscience: Evidence, Expert Witnesses and Causation

Conducted October 5-8 2006 at the John Marshall Law School, Chicago, Illinois. The program's themes included:
  • Benchmarks of valid science - an exploration of science methodology in the courtroom - science briefing by Drs. James P. Evans and Lynn B. Jorde
  • Cases concentrated on the following scientific and technical subject matters:
  • Evolutionary biology - science briefing by Dr. Eugenie Scott
  • Microbial GMO's - science briefing by Dr. William Shulaw

Iatrogenic causation of childhood leukemia - science briefing by briefing by Dr. James P. Evans

The curriculum is available by email from ASTAR.


Other Highlights

  • Hon. John E. Jones III keynoted the judicial program
    and discussed management of the evidence in Kitzmiller v.
    Dover Area School Board
  • Dr. Alan E. Guttmacher keynoted the scientific program with a presentation on the future of genetics emanating from today's research in progress.
  • Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School Board

Neuroscience and Bio-Behavioral Technologies

Scheduled October 5-7 2007 at the Johns Hopkins University School of Maryland, Baltimore. Residence will be at the Radisson Lord Baltimore Hotel, Inner Harbor. The program's themes include:

  • Benchmarks of valid science in the neurosciences -briefing by Drs. JP Evans, LB Jorde, CV Dang, E Stein and DF Wong.
  • Opening Keynote: The Unfolding Landscape of the Neurosciences by Dr. Solomon S. Snyder.
  • Clinical anatomy of the brain, and the use and limitations of various forms of neuro-imaging, and magnetic, laser and neurotransmitter and neuro-receptor analyses.
  • Special interest mini-seminars conducted twice by international experts: brain function in the addictions; the juvenile brain; the aging brain and the dementias; the violent brain; sexual predation; hate crimes; statistical correlation of psychological tests with direct measurement of brain function; brain function tests and the "CSI effect"; genetic precursors and brain-based pathologies; and more.

This program has limited general registration. Inquiries should be sent by email to ASTAR, with a subject line "Neuroscience Conference."

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